Intel Pentium turns 20

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On 22 March, the 20th anniversary of the launch of the first processor Intel Pentium . The chip maker began to be the leading supplier of processors for computers worldwide and the brand became synonymous with PC .

Intel Pentium

Intel Pentium

As is recalled in the V3 technology page, the Pentium was the successor of the Intel 486, and “as a fifth-generation x86 processor technology, is expected to be named Intel 586 “they explain.

However, in 1992, some of its rivals such as AMD processors had similar numbers, so Intel decided to change its strategy to register the chip under a brand that should be a name because the U.S. government did not allow them to be numbers.

This movement, tells V3, coincided with the campaign “Intel Inside”, which aimed to promote Intel as recognized brand and not just as a mere supplier of electronic components known only to computer experts.

“In 1993, the Pentium brand was an innovative change to Intel and the industry. Not only was five times faster than its predecessor the 486, it became the name of the microprocessor world famous, “he told V3 the Intel marketing manager, Dan Bingham.

The first Pentium was built with 3.1 million transistors and 800 nanometers . Its speed was 60 and 66 Mhz and possessed an architecture that allowed execute two operations simultaneously.

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