Intel launches chips microservers with the approval of Facebook

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Intel chip launched a data center that uses low-power technology found in smartphones, intensifying competition in the emerging market microservers and getting approval from Facebook.

The Atom chip, released on Tuesday, uses much less electricity than previous Intel processors for servers and comes as Intel’s rivals have also set their sights on the niche of low-power servers.

Chips similar to those used in smartphones and tablets lack the power of traditional server processors made by Intel. But data centers that combine many low-power chips instead of only a few high-performance processors could provide more computing power for less money and use less electricity.

The microservers have yet to win in tension with traditional corporate clients such as banks and manufacturers, and the potential market size is still not entirely clear.

But Internet giants like Facebook, Amazon.Com and Google have been experimenting with ways to use low-power chips for more efficient data centers.

In the event that Intel launched its Atom chips, an executive infrastructure Facebook said the social network has found that low-power chips are successful in processing the 4,500 million updates, I like, pictures and comments 1,000 million active users who connect every day.

“We face unprecedented in Facebook and that is one reason why we are highly motivated to find the most efficient way to scale the infrastructure and support to all people who use Facebook,” said Frank Frankovsky, executive social network hardware design and supply chain. He said if Facebook hopes to buy new chips from Intel.

Frankovsky said the low-power chips can sometimes do the same job as the Intel Xeon chips but consume half or a third of the energy.

“How much do useful work per watt per dollar? Is the only parameter that matters,” said Frankovsky.

Intel dominates the PC and server markets, but was slow in designing chips for the mobile market, where technology chips using ARM Holdings have become present.

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