Intel is working on a 48-core processor for smartphones and tablets

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According to the resource Computerworld, the developers from Intel is currently working on a 48-core processor for smartphones and tablets. Analyst Moor Insights and Strategy Patrick Moorhead (Patrick Moorhead), to do so by the processor on the market will be from five to ten years. Its appearance, according to Moorhead, will fundamentally change the way we think about how to be a computer and a phone.

Enric Ererro (Enric Herrero), Intel Labs researcher, said that at present, the laboratory is working to find new ways to use and manage a large number of cores in mobile devices.

Today, mobile devices are already used by multi-core processors (two or quad) with multiple GPU. Undoubtedly, the emergence of 48-core chip in a small mobile device, opens a world of possibilities. Therefore, Intel employees are exploring the best use of such a large number of cores.

“Normal processor with one core executes one job after another. Having multiple cores, tasks can be distributed among them.” A similar principle is used and now, perhaps, needless to say that the possibility of the division of labor and of work on transactions between more cores opens new horizons in multitasking.

For example, to view HDvideo 48-core chip could be used to decode the different motion multiple cores simultaneously, providing a more complete picture.

It is also noted that in contrast to the single-core power to the limit, many nuclei may be involved in different processes simultaneously, while consuming less power. “The chip itself can distribute power between different applications”.

Intel CTO Justin Rattner (Justin Rattner) promised told Computerworld, the 48-core processor for mobile devices appear on the market in ten years, as analysts predict, but much earlier. Features such as speech recognition and augmented reality is a good stimulus for the growth of the computing power of mobile devices. “Speech recognition, or computer object recognition require intensive computing. – It would be impractical to get the sound and picture, send the data to the cloud server and wait until it will make the necessary computing. In this case, it is desirable to move the execution of the tasks on the client devices. “

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