Intel is preparing a processor Core i3-2375M, which will be used in thin laptops

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HP has declassified a new Intel mobile PC – Core i3-2375M. References to a new CPU found in the Service Manual laptop HP Pavilion Sleekbook Pavilion Ultrabook 15 and 15.

Processor Intel Core i3-2375M «lit up" in the Service Manual HP laptops

According to the data published in the document, Core i3-2375M is equipped with two cores and runs at 1.5 GHz. In his possession a 3 MB cache in the third level and dual channel memory DDR3-1333 MHz. As for the value of TDP, it is 17 Tues

Features Core i3-2375M is very similar to the characteristics of the processor Intel Core i3-2377M, as mentioned in the user manual HP. Taking this into account, we can assume that the Core i3-2375M will support multithreading technology Hyper-Threading and will be offered in the performance of BGA. Will not do, of course, and without the integrated GPU Intel HD Graphics.

The only thing that confuses a Core i3-2375M – name. If the model is the third generation of Core, its index must begin with the number 3. Probably in the HP made a mistake, and Core i3-2375M is still a member of the family Sandy Bridge, where he will take over the position of the model Core i3-2365M.

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