Intel is creating new technology to increase the battery life of PCs

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Intel is researching ways to extend the battery life of PCs, making devices smaller and allowing communications “always on”.

The main technology leader Intel, Justin Rattner, presented networks and communication technologies that can improve the battery life of PCs and even smartphones and tablets.

Some of the technologies shown during the lecture at the Intel Developer Forum are designed to reduce stress on the CPUs People want their devices are always on and available, but communication can tremendously reduce the battery life.

“When you look at the technologies of mobility and wireless, begins to realize that there are a lot of tradeoffs. These A s is convenience versus battery life,” said Rattner.

Intel is integrating the radio communication within the CPUs and is also working on a chip of the same category that can intelligently evaluate the data packets to ensure that only relevant information is being delivered to devices. The technologies reduce stress CPU, which in turn improves the battery life of PCs in use active and inactive.

The chip communication could save half the energy consumed by CPUs, said Charlie Tai, principal engineer at Intel Labs, during his presentation. This can be especially useful with data flowing over the cloud to mobile devices. “It’s still a prototype, is improving every day,” said Tai

The new technology is an improvement for another of Intel, called SmartConnect, which is currently available in ultrabooks. As well as smartphones and tablets, it keeps feeds of important social networks and emails flowing even when a device is in idle mode. 

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