Instructions for recorders pencils

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The pencils recorders are used to record events while taking notes. These pens can be used in a classroom, in a business environment or in any location where you can be too busy to write all that is being said. The pencils are sleek and discreet recorders, so they should not draw unnecessary attention to the owner. Depending on the type of pen, you may have capabilities video so you can record video of events while also records audio.

Recoders Pencil

Recoders Pencil

Level of difficulty: Moderate


  1. Click the pencil ignition switch and expects the indicator light turns blue. This is the signal that the pen is recording.

  2. Make your interview or listen to the instructions in your classroom while the pen is recording. Upon completion of the interview, press the power switch to turn off the pencil.The indicator light will turn yellow. The pen stays in standby mode until you’re ready to record another event.

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