Instant messages exceeds for the first time, the SMS

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While SMS technology has served two decades of life and instant messaging applications less time consuming battle, about five years, it is clear that the advent of the Internet to mobile devices is changing the tables and altering the preferences of users.

Instant messages

Instant messages

According to the consultancy Informa of which echoes GigaOM , in 2012 they sent a total of 17,600 million text messages and 19,000 million messages via chat applications worldwide. This means that for the first time in history, more messages circulating created through applications like WhatsApp than traditional SMS.

And that despite the crushed Text messages have continued (and continue) to grow over the past few months. According to analysts, in 2014 sent 21,000 SMS million and almost 50,000 million chat messages via mobile phone .

Where is still strong technique Short Messaging Service is in the number of users. Last year there were 3,500 million followers on SMS , while only Informa has posted 586.3 million users of the six major chat platforms analyzed: WhatsApp, BlackBerry Messenger, Viber, Nimbuzz , the iMessage Apple and KakaoTalk . Obviously IM community could be bulkier if services were taken into account as Facebook messenger and Tencent.

Anyway, these figures lead us to another conclusion: users of instant messaging apps are much more active than SMS. As a user through applications “over the top” usually sends 32.6 messages a day, since they are free, the user fails SMS type the 5 texts every 24 hours.

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