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Instagram is one of the most popular applications designed to share photos that initially was exclusive iOS since early this year and shares fame with Android . In its day, it was also supposed to arrive for Windows Phone, something that has not happened yet. Now, The Verge page ensures that Microsofthas plans to make the application reaches its Windows Phone 8 .

Despite the recent acquisition of Instagram by Facebook , the sources which alludes The Verge claim that Microsoft will have their applications for Windows Phone. No details have been leaked about this possibility, nor do we know whether it will be developed by themselves, if their creation will be third or Microsoft itself which it takes place.

The fact is that, after submission of the Nokia Lumia 920 last week, in his coming-mentioned the arrival of exclusive applications for Lumia range devices. Moreover, there is even an official video with Finnish in explaining where technology PureView The Verge pages Instagram have wanted to see one of the many times that the typical mosaic of Windows Phone 8.

As much as we’ve seen the video, we can confirm that there is a clear, sharp image of this application may very well be Vimeo. Not the first time that sneaks “accidentally” and very subtle information like this. Yes, The Verge also says they have contrasted the news with sources close to Microsoft and Instagram reach Windows Phone.

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Whether or not finally, what is clear is that if Windows Phone 8 wants to keep up, you have to ensure that the most popular applications will run on the platform and Instagram is one of them, which is expected to be available for the system of Microsoft in late 2012.

Nor is it clear what is the way that Instagram WP8 can reach, since it seems that they are not investing their own resources in the development of the application for the Microsoft system. However, this does not mean you can not get to the market because they can encargárselo to third and even Microsoft itself that is the taking over of its development as it did with other applications such as Facebook or Twitter.

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