Instagram now growing faster than Twitter users

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The social networks are set to the number of users to join them. And without users, a social network is neither social nor anything. Now transcend the data from two of the most popular social networks and used the moment: Instagram and Twitter . And the results are most striking , showing the meteoric rise of social network photo retouching , which in a few months has managed to meet and exceed the 140 characters .

Keep in mind that the data come from the company ComScore , responsible for measuring the hearing of these social networks in the United States . However, it is a good sign to get an idea of the pace of growth and expansion they are achieving. Thus we find that using Instagram has risen sevenfold in just six months. A push that becomes noticeable from the month of May , shortly after his arrival in the Android platform after a year of exclusivity in iPhone and after purchase by Facebook .

The study by ComScore also shows how this past August Instagram has been favorite on Twitter .While the former reached 7.3 million daily users , the social network of 140 characters remained in the6.9 million . Some numbers that follow up every month, but they shed even more information about using these social networks . And the preference for Instagram is remarkable .

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And not only measures how many users subscribe to these social networks, but also the time spent on them . Point again be Instagram . Although Twitter has become a tool for almost basic media and that is chosen by users for their immediacy , it seems that in the United States prefer to spend more timeconsulting, publishing and retouching photographs . Specifically, users of Instagram invested during the month of August, 257 minutes in this social network, while those of Twitter remained only 170 minutes .

The third wheel is Facebook , which remains the majority social network . Although not offer this data, are notorious attempts to Mark Zuckerberg to open a gap in the market for applications for smartphones and tablets . This has not only tried to set a window to provide portable access to its more than 900 billion users , but it has deployed a range of applications that includes some of the basic functions of Facebook . So we can access the section of messaging with Messenger or upload photos with Camera .

It seems that the time of the social networks , and have not yet peaked. According to the graph of Comscore remains the number of users grow , although tastes, for now, continue to support the retouching . We’ll see in a few months if the trend continues or if it is a fad . Meanwhile keep you informed of what is happening to these massive and popular social networks .

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