Instagram launches its redesigned interface with mobile page

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After beating the mark of 100 million users , the Instagram announced on Thursday (13), a new layout for your page photo in mobile device browsers. The new face of preview images in the browsers of smartphones and tablets resembles the web design and is more functional, allowing you to interact with your friends even outside of the social network application.

New mobile page of photos from Instagram is more 
clean and functional 

Three months ago, the Instagram modified the interface of viewing photos on the web , allowing comments and tanned in what he calls “new page of photos.” Today, therefore, this technology comes to mobile browsers. The new page is very simple: at the top, there is the brand “Instagram” next to an icon “Open in App” (Open on Abb). In the central part, the picture appears. Below, the number of options tanned and comment and enjoy.

A bit different from the web, where the comments appear on the right side of the picture, but with the same color scheme and the same intention. The icon “Open in App” is also an interesting differential, as it allows, with one click, the user visualize that image in the app Instagram and to perform other tasks, such as exploring the person’s profile and view your feed.

The update is already in the air from this Thursday and works on all Internet browsers for smartphones, regardless of your operating system.

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