Instagram gets a new design and feature location with maps

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The tool “Photo Map” organized by the region in which images were taken. The screens “Profile”, “Upload” and “Explore” also received improvements.

The popular social networking photo sharing Instagram just released an update to its application in iOS and Android platform.Version 3.0 has gained new features and improvements focusing mainly on the user interface and navigation. According to the company’s blog, their versions are now available for download in the App Store and Google Play . 

“Every major version released, choose a theme – in which case we focus on the browsing experience [and] we present a new way to view your photos and other users on a map” the company wrote. This new feature is called Map Photos and basically organizes the photos that have user geolocation information in a map, according to the places where they were made. 

When you open the app, it now displays a warning to activate the feature, and reminds the user needs to be “careful to choose which photos you want to add to the map”, because the location is accessible to all those who view the map Photos of the person from their profile. If you do not want to allow viewing of any fotod on the map is possible to remove all pictures at once. When you choose to use the feature images are grouped by region with zoom tools to navigate. When choosing a photo, the user will see a small “i” that will redirect to the posts made that day. 


To remove an image of the map simply select the photos and tap Edit, then tap the photos you want are not shown on your map. The resort is ideal for taking the map, literally images of your home, for example, that for some reason contain geolocation information. 

In addition, the user profile received a new lookLost colors in boxes of photos, and followers follow. and thumbnails of the images gained more images, both on the profile page and in the Explore tab and search by hashtags. The page to upload photos has also changed, and best organized social networks to share the image of the Instagram and display a button to add the photo to the Map Photos.  

Among other novelties, the scrolling is not limited (no longer need to click a button to display pictures, just scroll to the pictures end up), users can report individually or abusive comments or spam, and finally The company also said it did bug fixes and improvements in overall performance. 

The Instagram 3.0 is free and available for download in the App Store for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iOS 4.0 or higher and Play devices on Google Android 2.2 or higher. The company posted a video on his blog that shows how the feature works. 

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