Instagram Could be the new boom 2.0

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Instagram and Twitter is used more than in the U.S.. Could be the next big social Instagram? The truth is not whether we should consider it a boom, because Instagram born as early as 2010, but the launch of the application is such that the United States already has more active users than Twitter.

The explosion came when users in April of this year jumped launched iPhone and Android application also. That motivated that Facebook would notice the photo retouching app and bought it a few days later.

But its use is growing, especially in the United States. So much so that last August the outnumbered and active users Twitter . Last month, Instagram users entered more times than longer used Twitter and the application from their mobile phones than they were practicing microblogging.

The data comes from comScore, which states that Instagram had an average of 7.3 million daily active users during the month of August, while Twitter was at 6.9 million.

The report also highlights that users spent more time in Instagram photo retouching and sharing -257 minutes-qe on Twitter, which gets 170 minutes on average per user per month.

Can you with this data in hand, Twitter has decided to refocus and tip in the picture , as it has done with the recent redesign of their profiles? More than likely, what you think?

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