Instagram chamber becomes an actual Polaroid

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The digital camera Socialmatic , leading the “concept of Instagram “to a physical device , will launch in 2014 and will apply the same filters to the application and print photos instantly. At first, the camera is presented as a concept, a concept that apparently liked by Polaroid.



Socialmatic have a square shape similar to Instagram logo and print your images automatically in postcard size. It will also haveWi-Fi connection , allowing you to upload images taken directly to the various social networks. It will have a 4.3-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth, and 16GB of storage.

The images shown are of test, the final model of the new camera may varySocialmatic has reached an agreement with C & A Licensing, which owns the rights to the Polaroid brand and includes accessories such as covers for the camera , lenses and filters .

Socialmatic Executive Director, Antonio de la Rosa, stated thatthere is a strong motivation in the team to reach an agreement that would allow them to create a small revolution in digital photography. “This combination of hardware and software , along with our new social network photo itself, will fill the gap between virtuality and reality “ , said the manager.

So far there is a concept video showing the camera and its features, however Socialmatic people indicated that they are test images and the final model of the new camera may vary.

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