Injection of fresh blood

The eccentric communist dictators may not be so crazy. Or at least, Kim Jong-il , North Korea’s late president has given the reins to his son, Kim Jong-un, DJ former prominent dewlap. It is said and says that before going to a better life, could have injected healthy blood of young virgins  in a last desperate attempt to avoid death.

It seems that although it did not work quite right, not walking completely misguided. Researchers at Stanford University have shown that it is possible to rejuvenate brain cells by injecting blood  from a young guy. Yes, for now, experiments have been conducted in mice . The authors claim that this technique, if it applied in humans, could alleviate some of the worst effects of the age, including diseases such as Alzheimer .

“What if I think injecting young blood could impact a human? Every time I am more and more sure I could , “said lead author of the research, Saul Villeda. 

Villeda and colleagues connected the circulatory systems of two mice, one old and one young, so that their blood should mix. When they examined the old rodent after a few days, found clear signs that the aging process had slowed . For example, the number of stem cells in the brain had increased. And more importantly, they found that the connections between neurons had increased by 20% . 

“One of the main things that change with age are those connections, as it reduces as we age,” said Villeda. “If you have fewer neurons connections are not communicating, so suddenly you start to have trouble learning and memory.” 

This whole story began a year ago with an article published in the journal Nature  in which Villeda Medicine and colleagues at Stanford University explained precisely that: that the brain of a mouse old rejuvenated to inject fresh blood . Since then, they have advanced to the data presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience  in New Orleans. Have not yet published the latest study in any magazine, but we know that it is detailed in an interesting experiment.

After making the transfusion, the animals placed in a water maze to test whether they were able to remember the location of a hidden platform. They found that the rodent old did almost as well as a 4 to 6 months of age . An untreated old rats had committed many errors and dived by dead ends, while the specimens to which they had injected fresh blood to the platform were the first in most cases.

The most likely explanation for this phenomenon is what Benjamin Button chemistry . increase Young blood some key chemicals  that tend to decrease as the animal ages. Returning to incorporate, “you suddenly find that this plasticity, learning and memory capacity are back”.Determine what the substance in question is more complicated, as there are hundreds of them in the blood.

Getting the results of this experiment work in humans is another story . So no go now postmodern Dracula down the street looking healthy girls to bite his neck. That we know. 

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