IT and Information Security in 2013

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Although the year 2013 is coming to a close in a few months, there were still a lot of predictions coming about IT security. Before the year has started, the predictions made were far from shocking. The Information Security Forum (ISF) predicted that some of the top threats that will move forward until the end of the year are supply chain security, big data, cyber security, mobile devices in the workplace, and data security in the cloud.

What should you do?

The security for IT is prone to unpredictable changes. It is then important that organizations who are working in this field should have the resilience to withstand the unforeseen and high-impact events that may come along the way. It is recommended to think about the threats in the context of those that have the most value for your organization. Consider those threats that have a significant risk to your organization and those that can create a considerable impact.

The technology threats that were identified by the ISF were not mutually exclusive. These threats can combine, creating an even greater threat profiles that can last for a long time.

Cyber Security

This includes security from cyber terrorism and cyber espionage. Cybersecurity has become popular this year because of the high-profile malware attacks made in the recent years, increasing the hacktivism from anonymous users. This increased the focus of the United Kingdom and the United States governments on cyberspace and the potential threats that can lead to critical infrastructure. The real concern for cybersecurity can lead to full internet or telecommunications blackout made by several cyber-attacks aiming to destroy the internet infrastructure. Most of the victims that may fall into this kind of threat are those enterprises that rely on passwords as data protections.

Cloud Applications

This year, there are more businesses who are seeking for security through cloud and mobile computing as protection to their corporate data. According to Steve Robinson, the VP of security development, product management, and strategy at IBM, “Cloud is finally getting over its hype curve.” More and more discussions are being done, talking about how safe the cloud is. He also said that by the year 2014, going mobile is more secure than other desktop environments, when it comes to protecting personal information.

Challenges in the Supply Chain Security

Many organizations should demonstrate their best to show that they are a trustworthy supplier, whether in the field of commercial IT services like banking or electronic systems. Most of these organizations are developing multi-tiered programs that can help in evaluating and demonstrating integrity of the whole IT supply chain. This way, consumers will not have a second thought of getting services from these organizations because of the promised security that they have.

The problem of IT and information security has become intense in the past few years. But because of the new discoveries and developments done in the field of IT, many people believe that the challenges made by security threats can be beaten in a blink of an eye, with the right approach and fresh ideas of IT security.

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