In the contact lens will be LCD-Displays

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Belgian scientists have developed contact lenses with LCD display. Inventors from Ghent University say the new lenses can be used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. In the future they will become multimedia devices augmented reality.

In contrast to existing contact lens with LED-displays, which are able to display only a few pixels, lenses with LCD-display capable of displaying the full picture that consists of far more points. The technology is unique, and while the production of such small displays considerable difficulties.

“Usually, flexible screens that use liquid crystal cells, are not designed to take a spherical shape,” – explains Yale de Smet, the head of a research project – “This is why the main challenge for us was to create a very thin substrate of spherical shape with the active layer, which , moreover, must be sufficiently reliable. Moreover, since we had to use the rare ultra-thin polymer films and their impact on the smoothness of the display had to carefully consider. “

Scientists argue that the display can be used to limit the flow of light falling on the damaged retina. In addition, the lucky owners of the lens can be changed at the request of the eye color. According to the developers, in the future, these lenses will learn to apply a quality image on the user’s perspective, that is, they become similar augmented reality glasses Google Glass, only invisible.

At the moment the prototype lenses can only display simple pictures, for example, the user can enjoy a dollar sign superimposed on his visual field. For several years, researchers are going to create a fully autonomous contact lenses and put them on the market.

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