In 2017 there will be about 3,600 million Internet users

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The Global Traffic IP (internet protocol) is multiplied by three according to data from 2012 and projections for 2017 and will reach 1.4 outrageous amount of annual zettabytes. That is, more than one sextillion bytes or a trillion gigabytes.

Internet Users in 2017

Internet Users in 2017

This will be caused by several reasons, but one of them will be the increase of population with internet access . According to the latest “Cisco Visual Networking Index” in 2017 there will be about 3,600 Internet users, ie more than 48% of the projected world population by that date.

Spain will contribute to this figure with several million users. In 2012 there were 34.6 million Internet users and is estimated that by the year2017 to be 39.2 million .

Not only are more users, but more connected devices . In the year 2017, according to Cisco believes, will have 19,000 billion global network connections via devices fixed, mobile, M2M and others, while last year detected 7,000 million less .

In Spain is expected to make four connections per capita so it would reach the figure of 192 million connected devices.

Users will choose over the years in online video consumption, in fact, as many do. According to a study by Delloite “State of the Media Democracy” people increasingly leave the TV as entertainment and use the internet to meet those needs . Of these, 21% corresponds to view content on video sharing sites, another 21% watch videos for free online sites and another 16% is dedicated to viewing in Internet sites.

This consumption will increase and by 2017 will generate three billion minutes of online video per month globally. This amount, Cisco, equivalent to six million years of video a month or two years crossed internet video every second.

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