In 2013, there will be processors Intel Core c-power 10 W

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The world’s largest processors manufacturer INTEL  plans to reduce the power consumption of processors, but this is not about some future chips, and microprocessor architecture of the current generation of Ivy Bridge.

Today processors Ivy Bridge architecture and lowest power consumption are set to Windows ultrabooks and laptop Apple MacBook Air. Their TDP (maximum theoretically heat) is 17 Tues. The company also plans to reduce the value of up to about 10 watts.

Renewed processors Ivy Bridge (Core of the third generation), Intel plans to release in the first half of 2013

We emphasize that this is not a new architecture Haswell, which is planned as the successor to Ivy Bridge, namely the Ivy Bridge. 

Updated line of processors will be released on time, until goes on sale the fourth generation of Core.


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