In 2013, Switzerland will surprise the world first home robot

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Swiss scientists expect to have for 2013 to construct the first in the history of mankind home robot, whose tasks will include taking care of the elderly.Assistant Mechanical received preliminary name Roboy.

According to the plans of developers, the growth of humanoid machines was 1.2 m wide robot will consist of a synthetic skeleton and muscles on the outside “Cyborg” will cover the elastic skin. It is expected that Roboy will not only resemble a man, but he can remember the faces of people.

On the creation of miracle technology XXI century employs 16 scientific associations in Switzerland. Dates currently scholars have strict: 9 months to complete the project, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail.

The publication cites the project organizers, who believe that the launch of the robots will enable mankind to solve a number of problems associated with aging. In particular, the mechanical assistants will enable the elderly to old age with the housework.

However, the cost of setting up even a single sample is still extremely high. To assemble the robot, the project will have to invest around 500 euros.

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