In 2013, Acer, ASUSTeK and Lenovo will increase the production of sensory laptops

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In the next year, according to industry sources forecast resource , notebook vendors significantly increase the share of touchscreen devices in total production output. Exit Microsoft Windows 8 will dramatically change the market for computers, laptops and touch, are expected to become the main trend in 2013.

The most active in promoting touch notebooks will be Acer, ASUSTeK Computer and Lenovo. According to the forecast to industry sources, the share of touch-screen devices in the total output of laptops in the next year will amount to 10-15%. At Acer, as expected, the rate will be 10-14%, and ASUSTeK Computer and Lenovo are going to increase the proportion of touch notebooks to 15-20%.

In turn, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Dell and Samsung Electronics will not be as active in promoting sensory laptops because of the existing plans for the expansion of production of tablets. According to estimates of the sources, the proportion of touch notebooks from HP and Dell in the next year will be, respectively, 9.7% and 5.4%.

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