To improve the advertising, Facebook wants to control the user’s movements

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For better or worse, the social network Facebook back to the center of the controversy. As reported by resources, the company’s Palo Alto one is testing a technology that collects far more information than they had so far on users. Ken Rudin , one of the group responsible for the analysis of the company, said this week that Facebook is immersed in a new project that  collects data on user interaction minute by minute , recording information about how long it takes the user on each page space or what kind of content you see on each account owner Once that checks to Facebook on your phone. The captured information is being added to a file so that the company can use this data to post, but with a very clear purpose: to fully develop advertising systems to tailor ads to the interests of each user, and of course, each advertiser.

It is true that Facebook and collects information about users. Currently the company capture demographic information, but also collects data about their behavior. The first has to do with the place of residence or in the center who studied primary or secondary. This is information that documents the life of each person beyond their behavior in the social network. The behavioral data are more related to the type of interactions that occur in your account, with content regularly read, with updates that shares or the amount and quality of the button presses Likes . What purports to Facebook with this new project is to expand the amount of behavioral data that is already stored currently. In this case, we would study the movement of the cursor on the page, the time you spend on each of the content and clicks for each ad.

It seems that Facebook is willing to create this database (which incidentally works as an independent reservoir) to provide guidance to all those companies who want to advertise in Facebook . The company intends to advise traders to make your advertising is, ultimately, more effective. This implies that the team Mark Zuckerberg has recognized that companies now have access to information about the user behavior that Facebook has been stored.

For now, Ken Rudin has revealed that this new system is being implemented in a very small number of users. In fact, so far has refused to confirm that your application is going to be short, although it is expected that within two months the deployment of this technology can be carried out. But Facebook is not the only company that flirts with these tools. Shutterstock , a powerful online digital imaging market, logs all user activity on the site to analyze their behavior and optimize service characteristics .

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