Impact of the virus after close server DNS Changer FBI has been limited

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The impact of DNS Changer viruses, which threatened to render thousands of internet computers after the FBI closed today enabled temporary servers to protect users, has been lower than expected.

On Monday, the deadline was met and the FBI finally closed the set of servers that have been directing Internet traffic during a year of thousands of computers infected with a virus transmitted by a group of cyber criminals.

The virus is controlled, but it was feared that the nearly 200,000 estimated users can still infected worldwide lose your internet connection when you close their servers.

For now, “we have not heard of major problems after closing,” he told Efe an FBI spokesman Jason Pack.

The virus modifies the DNS settings (domain name system) in computer platforms Windows, Mac OS and Linux, for users utilizasen illegitimate servers controlled by remote attackers redirected them to unwanted directions.

In November last year the FBI announced the arrest of its creators, six Estonian and Russian, using the “malware” had affected users to unwanted pages to pocket compensation by the number visits, which succeeded so fraudulent at least $ 14 million.

After the operation, the FBI temporarily activated multiple servers in a safe direction reconducían to infected computers.

DNS servers controlled by the FBI and the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) would be closed in March, but dropped the sidelines until July 9 for users to review their computers and give them time to clean up their files.

The FBI reported that the virus originally infected 4 million users in over 100 countries.

Various security agencies have collaborated to disseminate this information and help users eliminate the virus affected and to restore the correct configuration of DNS servers.

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