Images of iPhone 5 C in black

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It seems that, despite what we could have expected given its persistent absence along with the other models seen the iPhone 5C ,  a variant in black color in sight of their first photos.

Seems to confirm the color of the iPhone 5C sixth. None other than one of the traditional Apple terminals, the black , who had been elusive to appear alongside dozens of leaks we’ve seen from other models blue, white, green, yellow and red.

                 iPhone 5c-black

For parts, the first image that shows the detail of the apple logo , which will also be printed in black and the rest of iPhone 5C range, is sensed under the glass of the chamber behind the lens is supposedly twin sister riding the iPhone 4S.



Already, in the other two that shows both the full rear housing as compared to its iPhone 5 , are distinguished both typical text “iPhone” of all models (remember that Apple has put any specific model name, generic name only) and the icons corresponding to their certifications (FCC, CE, etc.) and the legal text which includes the model number, the I D of the FCC and IC. Finally, it seems to intuit the second line with the classic “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China “.


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