IM: Is there life beyond WhatsApp?

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On March 5, WhatsApp announced that no longer automatically renew the licenses , so that users of the popular messaging service in Android will have to pay to continue using it. Although the price may be described as laughable, 0.89 euros a year , less than a beer, grabbed WhatsApp decision tweets and comments. The controversy was served, and the boom of instant messaging applications that currently are free.

Just the news that WhatsApp would also pay for Android, social networks began to smoke. Opponents and supporters of the measure were engaged in endless debate, proponents of punishing a U.S. company and switching to other applications Other supporters of the view that 90 cents does not represent a financial loss to anyone.



The first criticized the “abuse” of providing a free first and then charge to maintain service. Others complained that WhatsApp does not offer substantial advantages over other similar applications that justify the charge, however small. And a significant number of users showed their reluctance to give your credit card number to an entity with no physical presence and you know how much is safe.

The proponents of the measure’s argument primarily used price: 0.89 euros is a tiny amount compared to the cost of a Samsung Galaxy S3 or an HTC One Not to mention the cost savings over the already cornered SMS : with what they did six messages before the annual fee is amortized WhatsApp, they argued. And some went further, criticizing the culture of ‘everything for free’ so widespread in our country, refusal to pay for a good or service because it is virtual.

After days of controversy, which arose a rumor that WhatsApp would be free later denied by founder Jam Koum, probably nothing better sums up the situation that a user’s claim on Twitter: “WhatsApp is free of charge and I am free to change it to Line “.

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