Ikea also sell TVs

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Ikea has submitted UPPLEVA, your new taught in bringing together technology and furniture. It is a  system that allows you to hide all cables and control all devices from a single remote .

The living room is the space at home where we do more life, and the hand of the designer Francis Cayouette,  Ikea has created a solution that can solve all the frustrations that most people have in him. A design that is based on the result of the visits to various homes around the world to meet the needs of families and offer them a TV with the best services.


• A complete solution available in 4 sizes : 46, 40, 32 and 24 inches. 

• An LED TV  including integrated storage and Internet access (Smart TV).

• A 2.1 sound system with wireless subwoofer and CD, DVD and Blu-ray player.

• A multifunction knob .

• A five-year warranty.

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