IDF 2012: Intel unveils future of computing

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New microarchitecture for the full range of electronic products, integrating new interactions, and future Atom … Overview of major announcements from Intel at IDF 2012.

Intuitiveness. This is the word from Intel, which is currently holding its annual event for developers (Intel Developer Forum, or IDF). According to our sources , the chipmaker is working on adding ” way similar to humans. “Clearly, Intel wants to make opportunities for interaction with machines closer to those of humans.

“Unprecedented wave of innovation” 

Technologies are often already developed in different companies, but the depth thinking in terms of integration. He thinks he is now the potential to provide tactile or voice recognition and gestures to the full range of electronic products.

During the demonstration, the founder showed that it was possible to provide similar functionality to Siri, the firmware on iOS, to interact with computers. The voice recognition software Dragon has allowed Intel to conduct a ultrabook, demonstrating the new possibilities open to mobile computing.

If we had proof of his motivation to push these new technologies, Intel has talked about a “unprecedented wave of innovation” for ultrabooks hybrid touch capabilities.

David Perlmutter, head of Intel product present at IDF 2012, the number one area to watch is that of mobility. To stimulate the development of ultrabooks, the chipmaker has invested in a new microarchitecture for its processors, the fourth generation of Core i: Haswell.

This microarchitecture should cover needs wide on ultrabooks, tablets, or servers.

The new Atom is not born, live the future new Atom? 

The successor to Ivy Bridge should happen that by 2013, consuming less than 10 watts. It would be interesting to gain autonomy from Ivy Bridge, the next generation ultrabooks team today.

Finally, the founder reiterates that the Atom is not dead. While theprobable abandonment of this architecture Asus Eee PC for its much-discussed, Intel does not seem ready to turn the page of this commercial success.

In architecture Clover Trail, soon commercialized for Windows 8 tablets, and should succeed Bay Trail. These processors, expected in 2013, will operate a fine engraving of 22 nm. No name has been revealed, however, the equivalent of these chips on smartphones, and replace the Clover Trail +.

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