iCloud.com leave beta phase

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Apple has opened up the web portal of its cloud service iCloud for everyone. In the most current beta phase was the only web app collection developers.

The updated website iCloud.com shows in front of a Mountain-Lion-like background icons for the applications notes and reminders that can be synchronized with the iOS devices and Macs, as well as icons for Mail, Address Book, Calendar, “Find My iPhone” and iWork . The revised “Find My iPhone” app offers a “lost” mode, which allows users to lock their device remotely if it is stolen or lost. Also can be recently a phone number to send to your smartphone, so take the finder can contact with the owner.

The Mail web app, Apple has also improved. It now contains a VIP list function that will be with iOS 6 is available on mobile devices: As soon as a message from a contact added to the list is received, the user will receive a notification.

iCloud replaces MobileMe, the paid and partially fault-prone synchronization and storage service, the Apple 30 June has shut down. iCloud users 5 GB disk space available for free. Content such as apps, books, videos and music that were purchased in Apple’s App Store, as well as photo-stream data do not count.

Those unfamiliar with the 5 GB for its e-mails, documents, settings, application data, and iOS devices backups manages can expand its online locker fee in three steps: For 10, 20 or 50 GB of additional memory demands Apple 20, 40 or $ 100 a year.

The official launch of iCloud was not entirely smooth. On Wednesday, some users complained that they did not have access to their e-mails. Apple confirmed the problem had its iCloud status page but indicated that only 1.1 percent of all users of the mail services were affected. Meanwhile, all the services but are back online.

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