IBM will double its investment in mobile technologies in 2013

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IBM  has introduced its new mobile business strategy.The company said it has worked in recent years in the development of mobile computing offer he described as “the most complete in the industry.” This combined training programs, software solutions and services applied to the areas of security, analytics and application development.

IBM-Mobile Tech

IBM-Mobile Tech

The company said it has more than 270 patents in wireless innovations and has made 10 acquisitions related to mobility in the last four years. He also explained that currently has over 200 software applications stores totaling nearly one million downloads, and it plans to double investment in mobile technologies in 2013 compared to 2012.

Diego Segre, vice president, IBM Software, emphasized the transformation that mobile technology is having on business. The manager explained that so far the spotlight has fallen on the launch of new smartphones, operating systems, games or applications. “But we are in the second era of the so-called mobile revolution that will take us beyond the device. And is that what is important is not only the end, but what we do with it.”

Segre said the new offer MobileFirst IBM is designed to realize the mobile enterprise. The executive said his company has helped more than 1,000 companies (some Spanish) to transform thanks to mobile technologies. Your offer includes, among other solutions, a platform for building applications, security tools and data analysis and various services cloud associated with mobile that accelerate adoption of all this technology.

In addition, IBM said in MobileFirst also offers financial assistance to companies wishing to be “mobile”, thanks to its finance division.

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