IBM: soon the market will be optical chips

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IBM has announced a breakthrough in the field of “Silicon Nanophotonics” to help combine the chip optical components and silicon. Researchers was the first to develop such a chip on commercial equipment.

John Kelly (John Kelly), vice president and director of the corporation, said: “The breakthrough was the result of more than a decade of IBM. Now we can move the technology from the lab to the walls of factories and begin to produce new chips that will be used in various fields. “

New product was created based on the chip, developed in 2010. At that time, experts reported that they were able to design a chip, where instead of the usual electric current used for data transmission pulse of light, which greatly increases the speed of information processing. Through the production line moditsifirovannoy scientists managed to integrate on-chip multipliers with wavelength division, as well as modulators and detectors are needed to transmit information using light.

For this purpose, the line was used for the production of chips based on the general purpose technology CMOS with 90-nm technology standards. The choice fell on the 90-nm process because of the low cost and ability to meet the needs of the next decade. As noted Yuri Vlasov, who is the project manager Silicon Nanophotonics Project at IBM Research, use less technology standards is not meaningful.

According to IBM, chips based on silicon nanophotonic data rates of more than 25 Gbit / s per channel. The use of multipliers can transmit simultaneously on one fiber multiple data streams. Report on a new breakthrough will be presented at the conference IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting, scheduled for December in San Francisco.

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