IBM seeks to improve the speed at analysis big data

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IBM announces the launch of new technologies that enable businesses and governments to improve and streamline the analysis of large volumes of data or big data (both structured and unstructured). The objective is to improve management and make it more simple, quick and inexpensive way to enhance relationships with clients, prevent fraud and identify new business opportunities.

IBM Technology

IBM Technology

Thanks to the work of hundreds of developers and researchers in their laboratories worldwide, IBM has developed a technology called Acceleration BLU . It is an innovative system that improves data acceleration analytical performance dramatically simplifies administrative tasks and allows reporting and analysis up to 25 times faster. 

IBM also announced the launch of the new IBM PureData System for Hadoop , a system designed specifically to facilitate and accelerate the deployment of Hadoop in the enterprise environment.Hadoop is the innovative open source software that is used to organize and analyze large volumes of structured and unstructured data, for example, social media posts, videos and digital photographs, online transaction records and location data of mobile phones .

This new system can be reduced from weeks to minutes adaptation time businesses need to implement Hadoop technology through powerful analytical tools and easy to use as a visualization system designed for both business analysts to scientists. On the other hand, offers Big Data enhanced tools that enable the monitoring, development and integration with enterprise systems many more.

To complete their progress in this field, IBM has introduced new versions of solutions that already have in this area.

  • InfoSphere BigInsights : this solution based on IBM’s Hadoop technology, specifically designed for businesses, facilitates the development of applications using existing SQL resources, security compliance and high availability features, essential for corporate applications. BigInsights is available in three versions: a free download, enterprise software, and now, as an integrated system expert, IBM PureData System for Hadoop.
  • InfoSphere Streams : stream computing software only allows you to analyze large amounts of data in real-time motion, achieving thus improve performance and simplify the development and deployment of applications.
  • Informix : now includes TimeSeries Acceleration function for operational reporting and analysis on data from smart meters and sensors.

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