IBM introduces new security solutions for big data, mobility and cloud

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IBM has introduced new security solutions and analytical improvements to help enterprises optimize the security of their environments to new debris presents Big Data, the rise of mobile devices and cloud computing.

IBMs’  largest announcement has been made on security in recent years, which are specified in ten products and improvements for organizations to cope with the new challenges posed by new concrete TI.

IBM has placed emphasis on helping to strengthen security on mobile devices, to mitigate internal and external threats, and reduce security risks in cloud environments. In addition, IBM has also set its sights on expanding the security of the databases so that IT managers can know in real time about the massive information environments like Hadoop, thanks to the new IBM InfoSphere Guardium solution for Hadoop, and automate compliance and security management of information.

IBM also provides further improvements in the management of encryption for organizations to automate key recovery and meet the new interoperability protocol management KMIP key (Key Management Interoperability Protocol). Specifically, this translates into improvements in the solutions IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy and IBM Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager.

Before the rise of the use of mobile devices, IBM has launched new access management capabilities and greater access control Depending on the context, improving protection against threats and mobile device.These improvements are already included in IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices and the new IBM Security Access Manager solution for Cloud and Mobile.  Finally, to the cloud environment, IBM has introduced three new solutions. First, IBM SmartCloud for Patch Management to automatically manage patches regardless of location; IBM Security Access Manager for Cloud and Mobile, offering web design for improved cloud applications and services with SaaS applications and improved e IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager, to ensure compliance and avoid identity threats. Para complete, IBM also enhanced its security intelligence platform QRadar, with a unified architecture to collect, store, analyze and retrieve information about a record, threat , vulnerability and security from distributed locations.

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