Hybrid processors E1-E2-1500 and in 2000 appeared in the catalog AMD

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On the German version of the site in the list of AMD processors for computers hybrid class “all-in-one” two new models, E1-E2-1500 and 2000. New APU AMD, apparently prepared to replace the previously released models –E1-E2-1200 and 1800 , respectively.

Both processors are based on a hybrid architecture Bobcat and are compatible with memory modules DDR3-1333 MHz. They are equipped with two cores and the integrated GPU of the Radeon HD 7300 with 80 stream processors. Cache in the second level in both cases is 1 MB, and a TDP of 18W.

CPU clock speed and GPU E1-1500 – 1.48 GHz and 529 MHz, respectively. Those figures E2-2000 – 1.75 GHz and 700 MHz. If you rely solely on this data, the performance of E1-1500 will be approximately 6% more than its predecessor, the gap between E2-E2-2000 from 1800, and even less – about 3%. However, on the basis of emasculated tabular data to judge the performance advantage of the new APU “elderly” – a thankless task, you should wait for assessments in real tests.

Just how AMD E1-E2-1500 and 2000 will be more expensive predecessors, is not reported.

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