Hubble captures a dramatic image of Messier 68 ‘a star cluster

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The Hubble Space Telescope, the space agency NASA and ESA, has released today a “spectacular image” of ‘Messier 68’, a globular cluster or “bubble full of stars in the vacuum of space,” that ‘dance ‘space for 10,000 million years.

   Thus, the ESA review that the gravitational attraction between the hundreds of thousands or even millions of stars that compose the cluster remain united, helping to maintain its identity over billions of years.

   At the same time, said that astronomers are able to estimate the age of globular clusters to study light from the stars that compose them. “The stars are made of chemicals that leave a mark on his light, which reveals that globular clusters contain fewer heavy elements such as carbon, oxygen or iron, that stars like our Sun,” the European Space Agency.


   In this sense, the star indicates that these elements are created gradually, generation after generation, through a process of nuclear fusion, so that stars with few heavy elements represent “a relic of the early stages of the evolution of Universe. “

   In fact, notes that stars in globular clusters are among the oldest known, with ages of more than 10,000 million years.

   As noted by the Milky Way is surrounded by over 150 of these clusters, in galactic terms, are quite small. For example, specifies that ‘Messier 68’ has a diameter of just over 100 light years, while the disk of the Milky Way spans over 100,000 light years.

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