HTC UL Opera, could be known as Facebook Phone

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That collaboration between HTC and Facebook in the phone world exists demonstrated ChaChaCha model release, a full QWERTY keyboard terminal and that it had a dedicated button to access the social network and lights if you have any messages or unread notification. Therefore, the speculation of a changing work which may appear. In this case, the pattern is believed to be the development HTC UL operates .

The last chapter of this is that, at last, would be the appearance of reality known as Facebook Phone (the phone that the company developed to reach the phone market, which would be a knock on effect and it is impossible to assess if you succeed … what is certain is that potential users are in the millions-many members of the social network). And besides, from Pocket Lint indicate that the manufacturer of terminals membership would be from HTC. A “shot” with all the sense in the world.


The data terminal can know the


What is certain is that the UL Opera HTC model is close to being a reality, since the information has leaked the results of the performance test NenaMark 2 . Therefore, there is some real … yes, thinking that this device is expected Facebook Phone is only a possibility (based, it must be said).

The specifiers who have known the terminal where you ran the benchmark are a processor to 1.4 GHz with a graphics card Adreno 305 (which is used in the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 SoC) and not knows of how many cores would.


The display would have a resolution of 1280 x 720 , so it is common today-and HD-compatible and also indicates that there will be no physical keyboard. The operating system, Android 4.1.1 , so use Jelly Bean. That is, characteristics consistent with a model of midrange / high current.

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