HTC Sense 4.1, improved user interface for the One X

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The arrival of the new version of the user interface of HTC , the4.1 , has spread like wildfire among the websites of technology, particularly because some of them have managed to implement it and are starting to spread benefits andimprovements interesting . Users of terminals One range are in luck.

Many users of Android rather see running the system on Holo , the interface that faithfully reflects the design standards of Google and that delivers a clearer and more integrated into the system. However, under the same rules other developers can create custom interfaces, for example, implementing the HTC terminal and bearing the name of Sense , or worn by Samsung, called TouchWiz . A good interface should convey ease of use and ease of use-what we call user-experience, which directly affects the success of a product, why it must be taken into account when you buy a terminal.

All users who have a HTC of One series are in luck because they have already begun to receive the first images of the implementation of version 4.1 Sense in One X terminals via OTA. 


The lucky

The first users to receive it were the owners of HTC One X , processor Snapdragon S4 , through the U.S. network operator AT & T. We assume that the rest, especially those who have the international version of HTC X-One integrates a processor Nvidia Tegra 3 does not have to wait long to implement. In addition a large number of error correction, the famous “bugs”, and certain modifications in relation to the bar multitasking and menu access key, the result is a considerable increase in response speed of the interface. These changes, coupled with improvements specific to the corresponding version of Android, has been a marked increase in test performance (Quadrant, specifically). The figures give a maximum of 5,100 to version 4.0 of Sense and of 5,900 to the new Sense 4.1.

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