HTC is playing all out with HTC One

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HTC has decided to bet mainly for its HTC One , and the truth is being played on all out in this way, because if the device fails to become a success the company is going to have very bad this year.

In fact analyzing analyzing their past in terms of sales figures are concerned, the company had not had lower numbers since January 2010, in fact, HTC revenues in the month of February this year have fallen by 44 % over the same period of 2012 , and 28% comparing with January.



Unfortunately HTC still has a bad tendency in each of the quarters of the year, beyond the company has designed each period good terminals, high quality and the height of the market competitors.

Yet we must highlight the work done by the Taiwanese company HTC in designing the One, and that has been the most acclaimed mobile within the MWC 2013 , both for its quality as for its design specifications and also clear the renewed interface have been developed making completely forget what was the previous version of HTC Sense.

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