HTC does not infringe patents of Apple, at least in the UK

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A new chapter in the patent war between mobile manufacturers has closed in the UK. The High Court of Justice of the country (High Court) has ruled in favor of HTC in a trial in which the firm was facing Apple .

Tim Cook’s company at the time charged to HTC of violating four of its patents. The court has ruled that such breach does not occur and also because of its obviousness, invalid given by three of the four technologies mentioned in the complaint. Specifically, are sliding to unlock a terminal, the multi-touch and the multilingual keyboard.

The legal victory of HTC against Apple in British territory continues to that achieved by the Asian company in the U.S. The International Trade Commission (International Trade Commisson) rejected a couple of days the request for Apple to stop the distribution of devices HTC in the country, noting that there was no evidence of a violation of their intellectual property.

The confrontation between the two brands, however, is far from over. Apple has just sued HTC in Germany by the same four patents that had been reported to the Taiwanese to British justice.

Explains FOSS Patents , Apple has very little chance that the balance falls to his side in Munich and after the decision of the High Court of Justice of the United Kingdom.

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