HTC could drop the prices of their phones

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HTC, so that has leaked from Asia (specifically from its assembly line), it seems that is determined to make a major change to its market philosophy. So it seems, would be seriously evaluating the option of future devices offer much more affordable prices . So change your user market and this decision would affect both their models as future Android Windows Phone 8.

This decision should be, according to people Pocketnow among other things, that companies like Apple or Samsung are cutting too HTC space, while the viability of the company could be in jeopardy. And finally, his decision would not compete to offer the best phone you can find, but trying to sell a greater number of input terminals range or medium / high .

An escape route

This would be the way out that HTC has prepared, and not a bad solution … and it is shown that the market would look for is a good source of income. Companies like Huawei and exemplify it. Of course, here also find competition , but we believe that the ability of the Taiwanese company’s more than enough to position perfectly.

Now missing in knowing how to get HTC to reduce the cost of their phones (and future tablets). In a company that always looked for the quality of its products, and has achieved so that the press would respond very well, otherwise users have been lately, would be strange to see that the attempt to reduce cost housings worse supusiera manufacturing, for example.

Perhaps, the option would be included accessories were not so impressive , such as certificates Beats Audio headphones, or processors were not always the most powerful on the market . For example, the arrival of the Qualcomm Krait would expect.

The fact is that the company needs a change, and this can be that HTC could lower prices. If “feel” that competition in its segment is too strong, not a bad option look for other places to “sow”. The market is large, and there is room for everyone and, of course, that HTC should and can have yours.

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