HTC and HTC 8X 8S, characteristics of new Windows Phone 8

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HTC is certainly not at its best, but it continues to provide innovative products and also good quality. And yesterday, in a specific event presented its new handsets running Windows Phone 8 of Microsoft. Therefore, the company is ready to compete with both Nokia and its Lumia range as with Samsung and their ATIV .

The arrival of phones with this operating system is not a surprise, since HTC was one of the companies that supported Microsoft since the launch of its Windows Phone platform and, although rumors suggested that it was possible with this new version of OS Taiwanese company would not be present, the novelty is that the judgment was the winner and everyone expected has happened and, therefore HTC will be a “player” active in Windows computers segment.

Two models have been put at stake and, as usual, one is intended for high-end and one at the entrance: 8X and 8Srespectively. As can be seen, there is a clear reference to the version of Windows Phone, using the number eight, and maintains the specification X and S to indicate which segment each terminal is oriented (as is the case with Android models).

Models with clear differences

Obviously, each of the models has its own peculiarities, which make them more suitable for one or another type of user, but what is clear is that 8X is what is meant to be a reference and reference devices compete with Windows Phone 8, as are 920 and ATIV Lumia S.

HTC 8X has a screen of 4.3 inches SuperLCD type 2 with a resolution of 1,280 x 720 and includes Gorilla Glass 2 protection. In regards to the SoC, the company has complied strictly with the instructions from Microsoft and includes a model Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual core operating at a frequency of 1.5 GHz RAM, how could it be otherwise is 1 GB.

Other interesting details that are indicative of good quality and this phone is offering an 8 megapixel rear camera and your front is 2.1 Megapixel nothing less. Its battery from 1800 mAh and supports both NFC and with Beats Audio (this despite the sale of part of its stake in the company).

Worst of HTC 8X is not including memory card slot microSD, unexplained absence, really. Yes, their storage capacity is 16 GB, so it is large enough to store all kinds of files.


Input Range

HTC 8S is intended for the input range and with fewer users needs, but may have “gone a bit”, as there are some shortcomings to comment.

Its screen is 4 inches with the same type and resolution as the high-end model, but with protection “only” Gorilla Glass.But its SoC, with two core Snapdragon S4 type, only runs at 1 GHz, see how it behaves with the applications, as well how much RAM is only 512 MB.

This model if you have microSD card slot, but it is essential because its storage capacity is only 4 GB. Another surprise comes in the section of the camera, not in the rear, which is 5 Mpx-but in the absence of the lead. Farewell to videoconferencing. Yes, it is compatible with NFC and battery is 1700 mAh, so it is perfectly fulfills these two paragraphs.

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