HP introduces six security solutions for companies

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Hewlett-Packard is expanding its security portfolio for enterprise customers to proactively respond to complex challenges. It introduced updated security solutions based on the last year announced new strategy based on IT security. With its enterprise security platform is trying to organize its purchased over the years and clear solutions to establish itself as a major player in the security market.

Rebecca Lawson, responsible for Worldwide Security Initiatives, HP will, the difficulties of the enterprise customers with the security back to the increasing complexity of threats. “Our customers have to struggle with it especially if they use one hand innovative new technologies, but on the other hand rely on conventional and fragmented security environment,” she explained . “They just do not work together.”

HP’s new security solutions to address these issues across the company with strategy and implementation of security – from mobile devices to servers to networks, printers and Big Data. “We advise our customers to schedule security from the beginning,” Lawson said. She referred particularly to the security of printers will often forgotten, but not by the hackers.

About HP’s updated portfolio includes six security solutions for enterprise. Assured identity was protected strongly against internal threats, but at the same time to facilitate sharing between partner organizations. Comprehensive Applications Threat Analysis (CATA) to reduce the cost of application security by concerns about possible hazards throughout the development period. With Security Operations Center (SOC) Consulting services HP offers contracting outside the United States to support the establishment of a center for IT security.

Data Center Protection Services evaluate existing safety practices and recommend steps to improve infrastructure and data center management. Arc Enterprise Security Manager 6.0c has been updated to more quickly detect threats to the infrastructure and to address the critical issues of priority. NX priced HP TippingPoint as an intrusion detection system to (IPS) of the next generation. It provides deep packet inspection of traffic and gets a modular architecture to be scaled according to the threats.

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