How to watch BBC iPlayer, Lovefilm, TVCatchup and other blocked channels in USA.

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Channels like BBC iPlayer, Lovefilm and TVCatchup are popular content libraries with a major selection of movies, series and sport events. Unfortunately, internet channels like those are blocked to USA and almost the rest of the world and can be accessible only by UK. Well that is frustrating because in such days, streaming videos is a big part of internet.

Traditionally, users are using VPN to get around this geo-block by changing their IP address to UK. Well, with VPN you can have access to geo-blocked websites but when it comes to movie streaming VPN is not a convenient solution because of the bandwidth limit.  When using VPN, all your traffic is rooted through a server and that causes loss of speed which is the most important thing for movie streaming.

By now some of you are possibly thinking what will be the need of a “geo-unblocking” service for USA users. One of the biggest content libraries is available in US. I am talking about Netflix. Well, Netflix is not the only one!  Have you ever heard of Lovefilm? Lovefilm is an Internet movie library like Netflix with more than 5.000 movies on its database. It costs around $8 and I am sure that many of you will consider switching from Netflix if you try it. Despites Lovefilm which is a paid channel, with a ”geo-unblocking”  service you will have the ability to access to many free channels like BBC iPlayer, TVCatchup, Channel 4 oD and Zattoo. Those channels are definitely worth a look.

Having tested some solutions in the past, we came across UnoTelly DNS service. To begin with, UnoTelly is a DNS service, not a VPN. In simple words, what UnoTelly does is to “trick” content libraries like BBC into thinking that you stream content from the proper country. There is no “middle-man” like VPN’s and that causes zero speed loss.

Furthermore, UnoTelly can be used to all the devices that support DNS tweaks. Few of the devices are: PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Adroids, Apple TV, WD TV, Boxee,  Xbox, PS3 and Smart TV’s. You can even install it to your rooter and all the devices connected in the same network can use it.


Another advantage of UnoTelly is that to set it up, you don’t need to install any software on your device.  You just have to replace your ISP DNS address with the DNS address provided by UnoTelly. It sounds tricky but it is not. The guys at UnoTelly have made some step by step tutorials that will help even the non-techies to set it up in minutes. Changing your DNS may sounds like a concern related to security but UnoTelly will only route “media sites” like BBC and Lovefilm and not rerouting every site.

UnoTelly comes with 2 paid programs. The Premium ($4.95) and the Gold ($7.95). The difference between those 2 programs is that the Gold program offers bonus VPN along with the DNS service.  The bonus VPN can be used for websites that are not supported from the DNS service and 3G/4G and hotel networks which you cannot tweak the DNS.

When it comes to channels, UnoTelly offers a huge selection of blocked channels worldwide.  Some of the channels are BBC iPlayer, ESPN, Lovefilm, Zattoo, Deezer and Tvcatchup. Furthermore, UnoTelly supports US channels too for people who leave outside of the US or US users who don’t want to miss their favorite channels on their travel outside of the States.  Some of the channels for users outside US are Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. You can find the entire list of supported channels here                         

Closing, we had a happy experience with UnoTelly. We did not faced lag problems when using it and we were able to stream in HD. We highly recommend it because a user will have access to tons of content in HD and on plenty devices and all those come in a good price. If you want to test it, just grab an 8-day free trial from here.

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