How to view and change the network password in Windows 8

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Windows 8 offers a remarkable change in how to use the platform through its main interface. But there are many tools that remain practically the same from the previous Windows , such as the options to share personal files such as documents, music or videos with other users who are part of the same local network. Yes, the access to the different options of this tool can be confusing. We tell you how to view and change the password at Home Group in Windows 8 , both across the desk and through the main interface.

One of the mazes in which has gotten Microsoft with its new Metro interface is access to system options.Now, in addition to the options that were in the control panel, also will have a new configuration panel within Metro. Accessing this new menu can be accessed by moving your mouse to a corner of the right side of the screen clicking on “Settings” and then “Change PC Setup.” panel The problem with this is that it has all the options.

For example, after you create a Home Group , we see the network password quickly through the Metro interface, but we can not change it. The Group Home is a tool for sharing files between users connected to the Internet through the same WiFi. To protect the security of the files, it automatically creates a 10-character random password that combines letters lowercase, uppercase and numbers. All users who want to access the shared files will have to enter this key. The fastest way to check this password is to access the settings Windows 8 and go to the Settings screen.

Change Network Password in Windows 8

Change Network Password in Windows 8

Within this menu, select the tab “Home Group” and lowered the window to reach the submenu with the name “Membership.” However, if we change this password to a more easily remembered we go to the control panel within the desktop. To do this, drag the mouse to the bottom left corner and we click the right button. Within the advanced command menu, select “Control Panel” . The cursor is placed directly in the search box and just type “Homegroup” to achieve these settings.

In the menu on the Home Group are the two options we seek. On one hand, we “view or print the password for homegroup.” On the other, there is the option to “Change Password” . Keep in mind that to carry out this change is necessary to have administrator permissions. By the time we decided to continue this process all users of the homegroup is temporarily disconnected until the new password entered.

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