How to use voice commands on the Nokia Lumia 920

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The voice control systems are not exactly a novelty, however recently evolved virtual assistant category.Normally we would talk to Siri from Apple or Google Now but they are the only operating systems that have this type of system, Windows Phone 8 also has it. As you know all the range Nokia Lumia second generation -ie, which were introduced after September 2012 – this issue features the operating system Microsoft , so it has improved voice control. 



Power control our smartphone voice gives us freedom in certain situations where you use your hands may be more inconvenient, eg while driving or performing other tasks at the same time. Voice control terminal as the Nokia Lumia 920 offers several options for information or make calls and more. We tell you how to use these functions on the Nokia Lumia 920, or rather the entire general Lumia range since it’s built into every Windows Phone 8 models.

Nokia Lumia 920 in April

To use voice commands with no qu our Lumia 920 and activate the feature in the Settings menu of the terminal, we can access by sliding to the right to see the list of applications. Once activated we can start using it if held down the middle button with the icon of Microsoft. With voice control interface enabled and all we have to do is give an order, but where do we start? An interesting feature of this wizard is that if you ask what that shows us a list of all the commands it accepts, and is easier to understand their usefulness.

Making calls is one of the options offered, we can say that we want to call a contact or phone number that full-in the first case if the contact has multiple numbers which we will ask. It is also possible to make acall back or send SMS text messages, just say “Send SMS” and then specify the recipient and content, when we get to dictate say “Send”. Alternatively call our voice mail to retrieve messages unheard, that if we have enabled course.

Nokia Lumia 920 in February

In addition to focusing on the communication characteristics can also control other aspects such as opening applications without having to touch the phone. The search engine Bing also works with our voice and we can search for any word or phrase in Internet quickly. Then there is the option to write anything that does not want to forget through OneNote , one of the functions of the Office suite for Windows Phone 8. For example if we need to point out something we need to buy or simply remember calling a friend. With voice control can handle these and other features that allow us to interact with the terminal in a different way , saving time and all without ever leaving what we are doing.

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