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How to upgrade your old account on How to upgrade your old account on If you are one of those people who started a blog before all the hype, then you still have the ability to keep your old account in you can upgrade, powered by Google, which is even easier to use and has more features.



  • Email Account
  • A computer with Internet access

Sign in with your old account

  1. Enter the home page ( see the References section below). 

  2. Tour the new if you are unsure or do not want to upgrade your account. Click on the “Virtual Tour” to begin. 

  3. Click on the “Replace Now” to begin the process of updating your account. 

  4. Enter your old username and password in the text boxes. 

  5. Read the new “Terms of Service” by clicking the link and check the box to accept. 

  6. Click on the “Continue”.

Create a Google account to use the new

  1. Enter your current email address. Creating an account in Google do not automatically provide your Gmail account. 

  2. Choose a password. Passwords should be at least six characters and include numbers or symbols to make them harder to find. 

  3. Re-enter password and types the word you see in the word verification field provided for the purpose of security. 

  4. Accept the terms of service and click Agree. Create a link to your account. 

  5. Use existing Google account to login. If you already have one, you can apply at and start again.

Upgrade and use the new

  1. Control your email to confirm your new account at Google. Click the link provided in the email or copy the URL in the address bar.
  2. Login to your new account at
  3. Use the functions of the new, which include drag and drop editing, privacy options and RSS file.

Tips and Warnings

  • provides a link to the page titled “Help Change” that will take you directly to the help menu.

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