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New Nokia – Lumia 920 and 820 – have become one of the most talked about smartphones fall 2012. So popular they provide an interesting innovation and corporate services. In Nokia Lumia 920 gorgeous screen with high sensitivity, which can be operated with gloves, keys, and other items. Camera in the Lumia 920 has a built-in optical stabilization (OIS), and makes high-quality photos in low light conditions. OIS also eliminates jitter video. Lumia 920 – a smartphone that can operate completely without wires: updates will be available over the air, and the smartphone can be charged via a wireless charging technology Qi.

Nokia Lumia 820 has the same great hardware, as well as the older model 2-core Qualcomm 8960 Snapdragon S4 1.5 GHz, 1 GB of RAM.The internal memory of 8 GB, available memory card slot. Nokia Lumia 820 can easily change the look with interchangeable bodies, some of whom are protected. Screen younger model also responds to touch gloves.

Those who are thinking about changing your smartphone, it’s time to pay attention to these new Finnish company. The more so because Nokia has prepared a series of useful services and applications that make the transition to the Lumia as simple and fast.

Selection of applications and transfer contacts

Famous designers Mark / Space has released an application “Welcome Home to Windows Phone” . The program helps to find the right application to store Windows Phone Store, or find analogues other mobile programs, synchronize contacts and with an account in the smartphone Windows Phone. To “move”, you need to install an application on your computer, and then connect it to a mobile phone. The procedure takes a few minutes.

Another way – to set a special “transfer contacts” from Nokia. In Windows Phone Store is located in the “Exclusives Nokia», if you go to the store with the phone. To transfer contacts only need to turn on Bluetooth and make the appropriate command, the program will do everything yourself.

                                                                                                            Nokia Lumia 820

Synchronize with your PC and other devices

Windows Phone allows you to quickly and easily synchronize your smartphone with your PC using cloud storage SkyDrive. Access to SkyDrive get all Windows Phone users with a free 7 GB. You also need to put SkyDrive client on your computer, one click to throw over the files.

If you already have a new package of Microsoft Office 13, documents becomes even more convenient. You can work with documents in the home or office computer, as well as on the smartphone – all changes will be automatically saved.

                                                                                                              Nokia Lumia 920

Maps, Navigation

In contrast to other ecosystems, Nokia continues to purposefully improve and develop their own map services. Today, all smartphone users Lumia line access to free pre-branded applications: Maps and Navigator.

Maps from Nokia is available for more than 180 countries in the world. Detailed maps of the numbering of houses, public transport information and traffic jams. When the GPS service will help you find interesting places close to cafes, restaurants, shops and attractions.The new smartphones Lumia 920 and 820 on Windows Phone 8 is also available, and offline navigation with downloading the required cards.The application helps build routes for the movement of the world on foot, by public transport or car.

Nokia Navigator – service that allows the turn-based navigation as connecting networks or offline. Card necessary country can be downloaded from Wi-Fi. During the trip will help the voice assistant – he works in more than 50 languages, including Russian. Navigator works in two modes: 2D and 3D.

                                                                                                             Nokia Lumia 920


Nokia takes care of the music lovers and develops its own hub “Music Nokia», which has a special online store to buy new songs. The main feature of “Music Nokia» – special service Radio Mix. The application is free, it is available in more than 15 million songs to listen to. The user can choose to mix different styles and artists, as well as create your own. For example, to select groups Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple application will offer a mix of songs from both of these groups, and similar songs by other artists. Moreover, liked the mix can be downloaded to your mobile and listen without a network connection.

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