How to take advantage of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

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The “tablet” Samsung Note 10.01 is focused for a creative audience requires a powerful device to manage your calendar or create multimedia annotations. Your navigation is quick and smooth, taking the opportunity to be multitasking, thanks to its 2GB of RAM.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Your operating system Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich complies perfectly with its performance, but its resolution (1280 x 800 resolution with 149 ppi) is not comparable to that of the iPad. The star of this device is the S Pen Pen, with extending the functionality. It is intended for design experts, through which you can create stunning creations with native applications that are in this “tablet” as a version of Photoshop.


Has multitasking option whereby, for example, can play a video while taking notes and graphics about or even copy a photo while you’re viewing. The multi is essential for the combination of services as “Polaris Office” and “S Note”. That’s where the 10.1 mark Note difference with other competitors.

It is an excellent product. Compared to the iPad, is lighter. 597 grams, 50 grams less than the Apple device. In thickness, Note is thinner (8.9 mm versus 9.4 iPad), but fails in its battery (4,560 mAh unless Apple).

Take multimedia notes

One of the most amazing capabilities is its ability to convert written text freehand using the S Pen to text format. His adaptation, with ” Shape Match “is also practical and indispensable for those who want to forget the role. Of course, the folders where the files are saved are customizable to access them quickly.

When taking notes, there are up to 8 templates based on user needs, which can be found from simple to take notes “vuelapluma” or to throw more reflective thoughts as a diary. Copy and paste snippets of text from web pages is also quick and easy. This option is good to prepare documents, presentations or make a draft for all aspects have to be considered, for example, the holidays. You can write texts unlimited extension. More than one will think to write his first novel. Only a matter of inspiration.

Several templates are capable of making navigation a unique experience. Recognizes formulas and ways to deliver the best result . Draw for example, a rectangle and calculate its diameter and apply mathematical formulas. Certainly, to love numbers or architects this might be a good way to adapt to changing times.


” Learning Hub “is intended for education, which integrates video and audiovisual materials for development in different educational areas.Save notes and edit images directly as text and up can create 3D models for better understanding.

Styling photos, apply filters, create effects, designs, creates layers, or make photomontages retócalas through “Photoshop Touch”, which is installed by default. This is where you can get more from the artist you have inside. With practice and tests can make amazing designs. It’s all about taste. And all with a truly professional result. Nor should we forget the application to remotely control other devices such as “smart TV.” With “All Share” can share all kinds of content directly on your TV.

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