How to Swype Android keyboard on the iPhone

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The Swype keyboard is one of the most striking features of phones and tablets Android , but also very practical to write quickly with one hand. The operation of this keyboard is simple, instead of clicking one letter can slide on the letters without lifting your finger to form the word, when we finished lift the finger and automatically places a space for us to continue with the next word. 



At first it seems to be very complicated but the test is much more simple and intuitive. Until recently could only Android phones have this feature but downloaded an application on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is already integrated in the system. For some time this comfortable writing method is now available for the iPhone , we tell you how it works.

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The swype keyboard can be installed on the iPhone using TouchPal application , which can be found in the App Store on a free . Once installed, enter the application and see the writing interface. Everything works just like on Android, go sliding about letters and words are formed. has also a system of predictive text which is very useful if we spell words correctly. If the word you want to write is not stored in the dictionary have to type with the usual method and click on it so that it is stored in the database and the next time as we write slipping. At the top right is a section of settings where we can change the keyboard language and change other parameters like the sound when you press the keys, activate the spell, automatic spaces and log into Evernote. TouchPal bad thing is that the keyboard does not work at other locations outside of the application and we are required to write in it. When we have the text  we can send by email, by SMS, link it to Evernote or copy to put it elsewhere (Facebook, Notes, Twitter …).

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There is a partial solution to this problem thanks to an iPhone application with Jailbreak created by Chinese developers. This tool can be found in Cydia for free TouchPal if you type in a keyword search.What it does is run in conjunction with the official app TouchPal so we can add the swype keyboard to the system , i.e. we can always use it in any application. But when we say partial solution we mean that the moment this function is not compatible with the Spanish language, only available in Chinese and English . It is expected to soon launch an update to support more languages ​​and so we can use it in more countries. To add to the system TouchPal no official application installed then Jailbreak tool. The next thing is to go into Settings – General – Keyboard – Keyboards and click add . We repeat that it is not currently possible to integrate into the system keyboard in Spanish, we will look to offer you the latest in the case of an update arrives.

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