How to stop your boss harasses

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92861795_XSOne complaint that some workers have is that a supervisor unfairly accuses them at work. It is assumed that managers must maintain a high standard of conduct, but they are human beings so it is rare that such situations. If you have a problem with asupervisor who harasses you feel, take a logical and sensible approach to solve the problem.


Make your boss stop messing with you

  1. Keep a diary of incidents when you feel your boss is being unjustly accused. Record the date, time, description of the incident and any other pertinent details that proves your point. 

  2. Analyzes each of these incidents to see if there are ways you could have handled the situation better. While your concerns about being wrongly accused may have merit, it is still useful to do some self-reflection before raising the issue. Sometimes, keep a low profile and focus on your work can help alleviate the problem. 

  3. Talk to someone in the human resources department (HR) on setting up a meeting with yoursupervisor if problems persist despite your attempts to change the dynamics. Explain the problem in general and provides more details later upon request. 

  4. Schedule a meeting with your boss and HR representative to discuss the issue. Explain your concerns in a professional and ask for a resolution to the problem. Use specific examples to describe why you feel that the boss is accusing. Presents the diary to your human resources representative if you request a record. Representative is supposed to act as a mediator in these situations to resolve the issue amicably and provide suggestions for both parties to make positive changes. 

  5. Do your part of the agreement or commitment arising from the meeting. Keep holding your daily work.

Tips and Warnings

  • Continue producing quality work and meets the standards of the company. Look at the situation from a perspective positive, for example, perhaps the supervisor sees your potential and push you to want to help you succeed.
  • If you have this problem in every job, it can help to talk to a job counselor or a counselor about your communication problems at work.
  • These cases can become very difficult situations that do not always work out. In some cases, the meeting may make the problem worse if the supervisor takes it personally. If the problem is unbearable, consider applying for new positions, both inside and outside the company to obtain the transfer. Consultation with a labor lawyer in extreme cases.

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