How to run Windows, Linux and Mac OS on the same computer

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For most users, an operating system is sufficient. But to run more than one system on the same machine can be interesting for those who are curious to learn a new system or need to run a specific program.

The easiest way to do this is through virtualization. With it, you can run another system “on top” of the native system of the machine. To do this, you must install a virtualization program. It is in this program (ie, within a virtual machine) that runs the second system.

The advantages of this method is that it shares all the features of micro (memory, keyboard, mouse and others). And so the virtual machine is closed, control and resources back to the main operating system.The disadvantage is the need for a high-performance computer for choking will not occur as two operating systems must run at the same time.

In the corporate virtualization is widely used by developers who need to test their applications on different operating systems. In the domestic sphere, used to run programs that are not compatible with the primary operating system (eg games or old programs of financial control). Here are three virtualization software.


One of the advantages of VirtualBox is to be supplied in versions for Windows, Linux and Mac Sun Microsystems, a developer of virtual machine, did a great job in terms of sharing of hardware resources.

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Exchanging files between operating systems is also performed satisfactorily. And the installation of the secondary operating system can be made from the CD-ROM or ISO file. The weaknesses are that your installation is a bit complicated and its interface is not as intuitive as some competitors.

Vmware Player

The dedicated VMware Workstation has a free version for Linux or Windows called VMware Player. Her focus is the public that household does not have the need for advanced virtualization. For users wishing to run Windows on their Macs offers the developer pays a virtual machine, VMware Fusion.

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The VMware Player only fails to come with many features available by default. To use it is necessary to install the VMware Tools. In contrast, there is no possibility of creating multiple “virtual computers” at the same time. The choice of which operating system should boot is made easily in the home menu.

Windows Virtual PC

When compared to competitors, the Windows Virtual PC is poor. This is because in fact it only virtualizes the Windows XP system. And it can only be installed on computers running Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate. But for those who need to run easily and quickly a program exclusively for Windows XP is a great option. It can also be useful for programs that demonstrate some incompatibility with Windows 7.

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Among the features include the ability to drag files and copy / paste clipboard between each of the operating systems. Also it is worth mentioning the existence of the printer redirection feature for the virtual machine.

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