How to remove all traces of an ex on Facebook

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Ending a relationship in this digital age can become a headache, or that’s what I think the creators of Killswitch , an application designed to remove all traces of a past relationship on Facebook . Its premise is that, if they were active users of this social network, in theory there should be many photos or videos of the couple, with labels and references to the relationship.


All these data, the previous time was stored in a dresser drawer or were burned in the fireplace to make “clean slate” . But now with Facebook, engage in clear step by step the traces left in the relationship may “stink”. What is it that helps you remove this “app”? Do not try to block or remove the friendship with that person on Facebook, but deletes “kissing photos, post status corny or sentimental” note on their website,

“Social networks are intended to reflect many aspects of human experience, but still not easily captured a key, the end of relationships , “notes from the development team ClearHart .

“With KillSwitch, we are trying to fill that void (…) To help people move forward in their digital lives , much as they do in their personal lives. It is a tool for revenge, is part of a healing process, a statement of independence (…) After all, how many movies have you seen people burn pictures of post-breakup? “Stand.

This application eliminates ‘discreetly’ photos, videos, wall posts and status to share with your ex. They note that as a precaution, all photos “eliminated” are stored in an album hidden within Facebook, if they resume the relationship or simply the person wants to remember old times.

Killswich works in two parts, first delete the content that the person (who installed the app) rose to Facebook, and the next step is to remove the content that others have posted on their biographies that relate to your ex. The latter process can be manual or automatic.

Side solidarity

People with ‘heartbreak’ to use this application to clear the trail of a relationship that ended, immediately collaborate with the American Heart Association , helping people with heart problems.

“You’ll feel better and to continue his life.” The application for purchase now on Google Play by 0.74 Euros , although the IOS version are underway.


The only condition for this is that the app works / ex still in the list of friends on Facebook. Killswitch is on the market since last Valentine’s Day and therefore now has very few reviews or ratings. In Google Play (USA) is titrated with 3.3 points out of five.

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